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Preventing Harm & Loss

We offer full engineering and design services to create custom business security products and systems. Our highly experienced security experts are here to help you design and build the solution you need to protect you and your business.


Our Clients

We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our strong mission and clear vision. If you're looking to secure your business, call us today for a comprehensive solution package based on your budget and requirements. security systems, fire alarm, or security cameras.


Access Control Systems



Small Business - Metro's Security Access Control  Solutions are specially designed for small businesses. Our  pre-configured solutions are affordable, easy to use and don’t require  special IT support to implement. You get the enhanced security of  electronic locks, as well as user-friendly access control that can  easily grow along with your business.

Medium to Large Business - For medium and large  businesses, security, safety and access control are top priorities, but  finding the solution that works exactly the way you need it to isn’t  always easy. Multiple locations, hundreds or even thousands of  employees, and the need to integrate with fire systems, elevator  security, and even time and attendance systems call for a smart solution  built around your exact specifications.

We are experts at evaluating your site, understanding your current  system capabilities and designing an access control system that works  today, as well as in the future.

Our system packages includes:

  - Design consultation and site survey

  - Web-based access control system

  - Smart card credentials

  - Installation and configuration

  - Initial training and set-up

  - Optional badging package that allows you to customize and print ID cards.

Residential & Commercial Burglar Alarms


Our current economy is placing large demands on city and state  government and services. Daily headlines show each city is experiencing  increasing crime rates with no end in sight.

Metro Security USA understands that you want to protect your family and the property you have worked hard for!

We install only top quality system brands, such as Honeywell.

Did you know that with a home security system installed and  monitored, you are eligible for a 10 to 20% discount on your homeowner's  insurance.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems


No matter the size of your property, small, medium or large, we can  install, monitor, service and maintain your facilities commercial fire system. We  also provide complete annual inspection services on all brands of  commercial fire systems. 

IP Camera Systems


Who says you can’t be two places at once?  Metro's home or business  video surveillance helps you keep an eye on the things you treasure  most, even while at work or on vacation.  Our state-of-the-art video  surveillance services will give you added peace of mind and provide you  with the following solutions:

We specialize in Megapixel  Surveillance. With a proven track record and consistency in product line  up, rest assured we will help find the best solution that fits your  needs.
We believe that Megapixel Surveillance is the best choice for your  surveillance needs. Megapixel cameras can offer up to 20x the quality of  competing analog cameras and help provide detail of faces, license  plates, or whatever else you need to see. Easily out classing analog in  terms of quality and function, you can see the difference for yourself.  We primarily support Avigilon as our suggested end-to-end solution.  Below you will find some information regarding their specific camera  lineup. 

All Metro's video solutions deploy secure encryption technology in  order to protect your privacy.  This advanced technology ensures that  only you can access your home video surveillance, so that it remains  safe and secure.

Installing a home or business video surveillance system can deter  break-ins and invasions.  So, call Metro today to install a video  surveillance system and get the peace of mind you deserve – after all,  seeing is believing.

Network Wiring Installation


 Metro Security USA is a industry leader providing data and voice cabling  for all residential and commercial applications. We offer Cat 5e, Cat  6, structured cabling, and fiber optics solutions including punch down  blocks, patch panels, data racks and much more including certification  of all data and voice cabling and connections. 

Existing Systems


 We can monitor just about any system you might have. Call us and one of our experienced technicians will give your system our "Protection Plus"  inspection to ensure your system is working properly to protect your  family, property, and to ensure you understand any deficiencies found.  You won't have to worry about a salesman showing up to try to sell you  something you do not need like most of the competition tries to do. 

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